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There are different diets that help us control our weight, and keep us healthy, with energy and positivism. It is important to know the differences between them, and in this space we present all the diets that are known, their benefits, advantages, and disadvantages, who can apply them and their influence on our health. Remember that the best diet is one that contains food from all groups of the food pyramid, with a variety of fresh and natural products.

Balanced diets

It is understood as a diet to the set of food substances that are eaten daily and that are part of our diet forming nutritional habits, the diet always refers to food in general and not to a regime to lose weight, although often confused the two concepts.

In this sense, a diet should not aim to lose weight, but the diet can be modified if the goal is to lose or gain weight, as part of a treatment for some disease or discomfort, and in the case of athletes to improve their performance .

It is important to eat well, and this begins with breakfast., Which will impact on our energy level, body functions, and performance. It is important that the diets are varied because each food has a contribution of specific nutrients that are necessary for our well-being and health. It should be mentioned that even the vegetarian diet can be balanced if the sources of vegetable proteins are well combined. The macrobiotic diet in turn was created to achieve a balance between body and mind. Whichever diet is chosen, it must cover the basic requirements for the proper functioning of the body, and thus avoid deficiencies and diseases.

Extreme diets and their risks

Extreme diets have a very low calorie intake, are made in very short times and exclude many foods, or focus on the exclusive consumption of one or more of them. Generally its consequences for our weight and health are negative.

Some of the symptoms that can cause alarm are tiredness, cramps, fainting, headache, anemia, kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmias and decreased physical and mental performance.

Magical diets do not exist, always choose a healthy and balanced diet, doing physical activity regularly and resting enough.