Kategorie: Hair Care

In Biomanantial we advise you on the care of your hair in your day to dis and products so that you are informed at all times of the present. You can consult us what you need.

Healthy, shiny hair with volume needs a lot of care, it is necessary to know our hair type and what it requires to be strong and healthy, but just as the quality of hair has a strong genetic influence, it also greatly influences our diet and quality of life.

The hair is influenced by external factors such as humidity, temperature and environmental pollution, as well as internal aspects such as food, water consumption, vitamins and habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking. In addition, the use of certain products that we apply daily to our hair and hair styling devices are not always beneficial for our hair.

It is important to always consider quality, natural products are always the best to take care of hair health.

How to avoid Hair Loss

Hair loss is less frequent in women than in men, and the inheritance factor plays a very important role, but poor diet, stress, excessive use of hair dyes, dryers and other appliances damage the hair and They also affect the scalp. It is therefore necessary to strengthen our hair.

If you suffer from hair loss, you should perform tests to rule out an internal disease or also the scalp.

You can improve the appearance of your hair with massages, these improve circulation and the hair masks prepared with natural products increase the volume and shine.

It is important the daily consumption of water, it is recommended at least two liters.

In the case of women it is not recommended to use very tight coats or hairstyles.

Includes vitamins in your diet, from fresh fruits and vegetables, especially vitamin A helps hair growth and strength.

Avoid habits of smoking or drinking alcohol, are harmful to hair and skin.

It is also not beneficial to wash your hair daily, even if your hair is greasy, wash it every three days.

Avoid using dryers and other appliances every day, these always dry the hair. Similarly, the dyes should be applied only when necessary, and preferably use natural dyes of henna, since the chemicals of conventional dyes damage the hair and can cause allergies.